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All You Need To Know About Roku Device: Roku Com Link

Talk about Roku com link Device, as we all know Roku is a media streaming device that works over internet. Roku Device is the world’s No #1 streaming device in United States and Canada. Roku device provides the easiest way to stream entertainment to your TV With thousands of available channels to choose from.

Once your Roku restart, you will see a Roku activation code on your home screen. This Roku activation code is required at the time of roku com link account activation. Usually. Here we are going to show you some errors that users face.

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  • how to get Roku code
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Roku Com link To Enter Activation Code
Roku Com link To Enter Activation Code

While setting up a Roku streaming device the common problem that a user faces is “Finding Roku Activation link code”, below are the steps that will provide us the Roku activation link code.

You will get the complete guide below about how to activate Roku account through

  • Use a computer or laptop for Roku com link account activation
  • Make sure, your computer connected with the internet.
  • Now open a web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla, opera, that you want to use and type
  • Once you hit enter, it will bring you on a new web page like on Roku website.
  • There you will see a space to enter link to activation Roku code
  • Kindly enter your Roku link code over there and click on a submit button
  • Wait for the next page
  • Moreover, the next Roku web page have two options for you
Roku com link to enter code
Roku Com link To Enter Activation Code

Create a new Roku.Com/Link account to enter activation code

  • Log in with existing Roku account or create one.
  • If you want to link with a new account, simply create a new account by choosing the first option
  • Otherwise, you can choose the second option in order to use existing account
  • Further, complete some formalities to create new Roku account
  • Find the registration area to enter some details such as name, email, password and verify password
  • When you enter these details, click on “submit” to proceed further
  • Furthermore, you have to choose a payment method for future transaction or channel purchasing
  • Again you will see two options for the payment

Credit Card Payment

  • PayPal Payment or credit card etc. method
  • If you want to choose the first option, you have to provide your credit card details
  • Meanwhile, enter your PayPal account details in order to use the second option
  • One more step is left, that is PIN creation
  • Select any digits to create a Roku transaction PIN
  • This security PIN will provide you the authorized transaction
  • Moreover, you can secure your roku com link account as well
  • Hence, the entire Roku account activation process is completed
Roku Com link To Enter Activation Code
Roku Com link To Enter Activation Code

Easy way to Setup Roku Streaming Player

  • Make sure, you have all the necessary accessories like cable etc that are required
  • HDMI cable/composite cable, power adapter, Roku remote control, power batteries and Roku headphone jack will come with Roku box
  • Let’s begin with setup Roku streaming player with your home TV
  • Use HDMI cable to connect streaming player with your home TV or HD TV
  • Moreover, connect streaming player to the wall power outlet through power adapter
  • Now your Roku streaming player is required to turn on the power button
  • All cable connection are completed, now you have to perform on-screen setup
  • First of all, include power batteries into your Roku remote control
  • Further, you have to choose a language from the listed
  • Language is necessary to give the text input
  • After that, choose the provided network name for wireless internet connection
  • You can also use the Ethernet cable for the wired internet
  • For wireless connection, enter username first
  • Similarly, enter your network security password
  • Then click on connect button
  • Streaming player is able to attempt software update automatically
  • Also refresh and restart automatically
  • So, don’t have any need to perform these manually
  • After reboot, you will see your Roku activation code on Roku home screen
  • Afterward, enter Roku activation code on to link your streaming device with account
  • Once Roku account activation is completed, you can access Roku channel store to add channels and Apps

Roku Streaming Stick Setup: It’s different for different devices!

  1. Roku Streaming TV: All the setup in Roku TV are done internally by the company itself, so you don’t have to connect anything.
  2. Roku Streaming Stick: You can connect this Roku stick into the HDMI port of your television. Rest of the Roku stick setup is similar to Roku media streaming device.
  3. Roku Stareming Express: In this device, connect an HDMI male connector on Roku Express and TV. One end will go behind the Roku and another will go behind the TV.
  4. Video Selection: If you are not sure about to which usb port you have connected your Roku device to, then with the help of TV remote control. It is important to choose the right USB port with your TV remote control if you want to watch your favorite movies and shows without any problem or interruption.
  5. Once you got the successful connections, then you are going to see Roku logo on the screen, which will confirm that Roku is turned on.
  6. If Roku logo doesn’t appear, then your Roku streaming device not working. So, you have to check if there is any problem with the device. Check whether HDMI cable should be properly connected to Roku and TV.
  7. On your Roku remote, you need to press the button present at the backside for 3 seconds. You need to press the button given at the back of Roku Player, Roku Express, and Roku TV as well. For Roku Stick, you can simply connect it to the TV. No remote is used because the TV covers stick completely, thus, infrared light can’t reach the stick.
  8. Now, select your preferred language you want to choose followed by selecting the wireless network that you are using at home or office. Enter the network’s password and connect.
  9. You Roku will start updating its factory ware as soon as the internet connection is detected. You should let the Roku device to update.
  10. Roku will restart once all the updates are installed.

In case, there is any problem, then you can visit and get it resolved by the experts. link Settings Problems And Troubleshooting

Guidelines for Roku link activation code

  1. If your Roku activation code has been terminated before you could use it, then you need to find the new activation code.
  2. Moreover, if you have entered the Roku code a long time after receiving the code, then the validity of the code could be expired, thus resulting in activation code problems.
  3. If the Roku link activation code has not appeared on the screen but is generated, then there is some problem with the device.

To fix all the issues, you need to follow below-mentioned solutions:

  1. Switch off the TV and Roku for a few minutes and then, turning on the power on both devices.
  2. Now, enter Roku link activation code again in order to get the link to your Roku account.
  3. You will now see that your Roku account is linked, then you need to sign into your ‘my Roku com link’ page.
  4. To check whether your device has been linked or not, you need to open ‘linked devices’ option in order to check your Roku media streaming player.
  5. If you are not able to see the serial number, then just wait for a few moments because the serial number is only going to be displayed when the link code gets updated.


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